The Hope Center always has several projects in progress. Maintaining a building that is lived in and used by all our kids can be a never-ending task. There is always much that needs to be done to provide for their safety and well-being.

People are always asking us what needs to be done and how they can get involved. On this page we list the various projects that are taking place and what projects still need to be completed. By being aware of the needs you can decide how you can get involved.

Here are what others have done in the past:

  1.   Praying for us daily.

  2.   Personal donations towards specific projects or needs.                

  3.   Churches or Organizations also donating toward

     specific projects or needs.

  1.   Organizing work teams to come and help complete the

     various projects. (Click on our Opportunities page.)  

Still other ways you can help...

  1. Donate towards our general monthly operating budget.

  2. Sponsor a child and help with the cost of his/her monthly school bill.

  3. Help supplement the cost of Medical Insurance for each child.

  4. Donate or plan a Work Trip to for other specific projects.

     (Click on our Opportunities page).

If you are interested in donating to a certain project, please click on the donate button below.


Hope Center

We are working to raise $5,000.00 to drill the well. That’s 1,000 people giving only $5.00.

With your donation of $5 or more, we will send you a ‘hope bracelet‘ to say ‘thank you‘ and to use to tell others of our need. 

Please consider helping us drill the water well for the orphanage. Just click on the ‘donate water’ button below and be sure to designate your giving to the well. Thank you.

Project: Hope for Water
Due to the changing climate in Honduras, the need for water during the dry season grows more intense. Every year, water is becoming more scarce. 

As a result, The Hope Center is in desperate need of it’s own water well.