Short-Term Missions and Work Teams

We invite you to be a part of a unique mission experience. The Hope Center has the capacity to accommodate up to a 30 member team comfortably and provide transportation, translators, evangelism opportunities or work projects around the property. We can customize your experience from the time you arrive in Honduras until your departure. 

The third floor of the Hope Center is dedicated to privately host individuals, families or teams that come to do various mission work.  It has a large living room area with an open kitchen. There are also two large dorm rooms with comfortable bunk beds. Clean working bathrooms with hot water showers in both dorm rooms is a luxury to have in Honduras and is always a hit with our teams.

The Hope Center is available to church groups and other ministry organizations that have a heart for missions and would like to come to Honduras and help save, heal and build the lives of people of Honduras.  

If your church or organization would be interested in staying at the Hope Center, please contact us at:Info@hopecenterhonduras.com.        

Missionary Interns

We also have the ability to receive intern missionaries.  These are individuals who feel to come for a summer, six months or even a year long commitment.  They come to give their time to help with the day to day needs of the kids.  Many have come to give but leave receiving more than they ever thought they could give.  If you would be interested to come and work as an intern here at the Hope Center, please contact us at Info@hopecenterhonduras.com.      

The Hope Center is home to our family and also a place were groups and individuals can experience the mission field first hand.  We have had the privilege of hosting construction teams, medical teams, evangelistic teams, and youth teams from various parts of the United States and Canada who come and bring hope to the people of Honduras.